As our loved ones age, it is important that their later years are filled with the best care possible. With so many options available for them, it is vital to have all of the information so you can make the best decision. A skilled nursing facility provides the highest level of medical care only able to be given by registered nurses and different therapists who tend to each residents’ various needs. These facilities are available to serve your loved ones for a short recovery period where specific care is needed after a hospital stay or severe injury. They can also serve long term for residents that need more frequent and constant care for chronic medical conditions. 
So, what can your loved one expect from one of these facilities?

Staff In a Skilled Nursing Facility

You will find specialized rehabilitation staff such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists, among other licensed professionals who serve the residents within skilled nursing facilities. The care that they provide is more intense and skilled, focused on rehabilitation from a serious injury or hospital stay. Your loved one will receive this around-the-clock care until they are released to go home. 

Type of Care

A skilled nursing facility offers many different types of care.

  • Acute medical care: This type of care is specific for residents in which an injury or illness threatens their life. An injury in this case could be a knee replacement, hip replacement, tracheostomy, shoulder replacement, or a specific acute trauma. 
  • Stroke recovery care: Along with general rehabilitation care, residents recovering from a stroke can expect specific care to help regain motor skills and speech function. 
  • General rehabilitation care: After an operation, hospital stay, or severe injury, therapy is provided to residents to assist in the recovery process. This may include physical, speech, and/or occupational therapy. 
  • Custodial care: Also available in nursing homes, this type of care helps residents with daily functions and activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, and grooming themselves. 
  • Terminal illness care: Skilled nursing facilities provide services alongside hospice to serve those living with terminal illness, including medical care and custodial care. 

What To Consider Before Committing to Care

When a skilled nursing facility is recommended for your loved ones, there are certain criteria that you must consider beyond the type of care that is provided by the facility. 
First, one must evaluate the condition and overall health goals of their loved one. 
Should their care be more focused on recovery with the goal of returning home and back to a normal independent lifestyle, or is a more permanent living situation desired? This is something that can be discussed with a skilled nursing facility administrator or a social services staff member before admission, during a tour or on a phone call. If your loved one needs more therapy or treatment from a licensed medical practitioner, a skilled nursing facility may be the right choice. 
If your loved one has had a hospitalization within the last 30 days, most insurances will cover skilled therapy. At Camelot Senior Living, our nursing homes are certified by Medicare. The skilled nursing facility staff can help you to see if insurance will cover their stay for short term rehabilitation. If long term care is needed, there are certain financial guidelines that are required to qualify for Medicaid that can be discussed during 
Lastly, you should always look at the smaller details of the care facility you are considering. Of course, the facility must have rooms available for your loved one and the facility should be handicap accessible and easy for residents to move around throughout. 
We recommend scheduling a walk-through tour with a facility administrator top get a good grasp on the overall environment. 

  • Was the staff professional and courteous, as well as motivating and uplifting? 
  • Did they interact with the residents kindly and with a sense of urgency? 
  • Are there a variety of activities for your loved one to participate in for their engagement and overall wellbeing? 
  • Does their food menu look appealing and meals seem enjoyable to your senior? 

Resident rooms should give enough space to maintain autonomy. You will get a clear idea if the facility is a good fit for your particular needs by simply visiting and observing the interactions of others while touring the facility. In this time of COVID, a virtual tour may be available.
If your family is considering a skilled nursing facility, choose a home that has experience and a great reputation for quality care. With several locations in southern Louisiana, you are never far from a Camelot Senior Living facility. Contact our trained professionals at any location and ask for a guided tour of one of our several certified care facilities. With multiple levels of care, and excellent reputation, and countless positive reviews, you can rest assured that your loved one will receive the best care. 
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