Schedule a Video Chat with Your Loved One!

Due to the COVID-19 and the high risks it has for the elderly, we have only one concern – to keep our residents safe. Our residents are in the small percentile of people that this virus can affect, so we will do everything in our power to keep them healthy. CMS has mandated that nursing homes have no foot traffic except for healthcare personnel. We understand that this may cause some frustration, so we have implemented an online video chat service through our website for you to communicate and most importantly SEE your loved ones during these tough times ahead.

Simply select the location below your loved one is residing, and follow the instructions on screen to schedule a time for a video chat. Use an email address that you can access as this is where the confirmation for your scheduled video chat will be sent. If you need to cancel your scheduled video chat, you’ll also do this through your email address. To begin your video chat, all you’ll need is access to a computer, ipad, iphone or a device that has a webcam and microphone. If using your phone, please first download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app. If you have any questions or need help with scheduling, please email

Tip: Join the video chat early to ensure you’ve got everything set up on your end in time for your scheduled chat. In the confirmation email you’ll receive shortly after scheduling a time on our website, you’ll see a line that reads: “Location:” with a link following it. This is the link you’ll click to begin your video chat. If you’ve never used ZOOM before, you’ll be walked through the steps to set up your device for the video chat. Give yourself at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled call to ensure you don’t miss your loved one on the other side! After your first video chat, you should be able to hop right on with no issues for future video chat dates.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy video chatting!