We are often asked: “What exactly is a short term care facility?” The answer is packed with benefits for individuals. Short term care can last anywhere from a few days to a few months, and is perfect for individuals recovering from surgery, illness, or an injury such as a fall. Short term care includes services such as assistance with daily living tasks, rehabilitation, and restoring the individual prior independence.
Short term rehabilitation is meant to get you or a loved one back home to continue to do the activities that you love. This resident is working on core and balance and our therapist is doing amazing work, helping him achieve his goals.

Another SUCCESSFUL Rehabilitation story at Magnolia! Mr. Benoit has this to say about our therapy team:

“The staff has such an outstanding attitude. EVERYONE has been good to me. I couldn’t walk when I came in and now I can WALK after 6 weeks. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give them a 10! This is also the first rehab that I’ve seen that allows me to be visited by my dog to help me in my therapy.”

Congratulations Mr. Benoit on your hard work with our therapy team, and we are excited that you get to go home very soon!

Mr. Benoit–another SUCCESS story at Magnolia Estates!