Transitional care is defined as care provided when a patient is being moved from one care setting to another. For example, a patient who no longer needs medical services at a hospital but still needs help with some of the basics may benefit from a transitional care stay at a short-term rehabilitation facility. Transitional care provides the supportive care and timely passage across care settings. The overall goal of this type of care is to safely transition patients from hospital to home or from one care setting to another and regain as much independence as possible. Rehabilitation and transitional care services at Camelot Senior Living include:

24 Hour Nursing Care

Camelot offers care around the clock day and night to ensure patients receive the quality care they deserve. 24-hour nursing care provides peace of mind knowing if your loved one needed anything at all, they would have experienced staff to serve them immediately. Nursing care includes things such as monitoring activities, providing assistance when needed with bathing, grooming, dressing, and more.

Cardiac Recovery

Cardiac rehabilitation programs are specifically tailored to the individual in care. Short term rehabilitation services are an excellent option for cardiac recovery as it is cost effective, provides a safe environment for recovery, focuses on gaining independence, and allows management for any other health conditions in addition to cardiac difficulties.

IV Hydration and Antibiotics

Patients who were previously hospitalized often require intravenous antibiotics and are transitioned to oral antibiotics. Other reasons that may require IV Hydration include situations such as infections or dehydration. At Camelot, we have staff properly trained in the care of IV sites and administration of IV fluids and antibiotics.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy is a method of drawing out fluid and infection from a wound to allow it to properly heal. This may be necessary in situations such as burn wounds, pressure ulcers, chronic wounds, injuries, etc. Our licensed therapists help wounds to heal faster with fewer risks of infection with this method. The process involves a special wound dressing (bandage) and a negative pressure device that removes the fluids through tubing into a canister.

Occupational Therapy

The goal of occupational therapy is to help your loved one live a healthy life by providing them with the tools and techniques that will help them regain an independent life. It involves exercises designed to develop, restore and/or maintain the skills related to daily living such as: bathing, eating, dressing, cleaning, cooking, etc. Our skilled occupational therapists can also help your loved one adjust to any challenges that result from temporary or chronic illness or injury such as a stroke. For more information on Occupational Therapy and how your loved one can benefit from it, click here.

Respiratory Services (Trilogy/Bi-Pap)

Patients with cardiopulmonary system dysfunction require respiratory therapy services to help improve breathing and overall quality of life. Having a respiratory therapist comes in handy and minimizes the need for a trip back to the hospital for patients who suffer from breathing issues such as asthma, surgery injury or recovering from an illness. Once respiratory problems have improved, patients can be cleared to return to living at home. Camelot utilizes the Trilogy Ventilator which is often referred to as the Trilogy Bi-Pap machine. This technology provides the most comfort and appropriate flow of both air and pressure for each patient’s specific needs.

Physical Therapy

Each Camelot Senior Living nursing facility offers physical therapy rehabilitation. Our senior physical therapy services include exercises designed to help seniors improve or restore the ability to move around and complete daily tasks. The goal is to build strength in areas that allow for safe independent living such as the ability to climb stairs or get out of bed. We understand that no two patient’s situations are alike, so our physical therapists create personalized service plans to meet each patient’s specific functional and mobility goals. For more information about how your loved one can benefit from senior physical therapy, click here.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is not just for children! As we age, normal changes occur in our speech, language, memory and swallowing. Speech therapy may be particularly necessary after a loved one has suffered a stroke or developed dementia or Parkinson’s disease. The goal of our speech therapy program, which is customized for each individual, is to help develop speech production for better communication, develop verbal expression, monitoring diet to avoid aspiration and improve nutrition, help with reasoning and problem solving for increased independence, and more. To learn more about speech and language therapy, click here.

Tracheostomy Care

A tracheostomy involves the creation of an opening and insertion of a tube into the trachea through the neck just below the larynx. It is essentially the creation of an artificial airway. Because the air inhaled by the patient is no longer filtered by our upper airways, tracheostomy care is very important to minimize the risk of infection. Depending on the patient’s situation and how recent the procedure, the tracheostomy may need to be suctioned and cleaned as often as every 2 hours.

Orthopedic Recovery

Orthopedic surgery is the branch of surgery that involves the musculoskeletal system. Some common surgeries include knee replacements, hip replacements, shoulder replacements, etc.  Short term rehabilitation and transitional services include orthopedic recovery that is designed to help patients achieve an optimal level of health, function, mobility and independence.

If you are looking for a short stay for your loved one to regain mobility and recovery from injury or surgery prior to returning home, Camelot Senior Living would love the opportunity to serve you. We are a leading rehabilitation service for elderly in Louisiana and strive to get your loved one back home as quickly as possible, without sacrificing health. Contact Camelot today!