“I had just eaten lunch… and everything went black and I don’t remember anything.”

Mona Comeaux is a private caregiver for a resident at Magnolia Estates. One day, everything changed for Comeaux. “I had just eaten lunch… and we finished changing him (resident) and everything went black and I don’t remember anything after that.”

Comeaux went into cardiac arrest while at work. She was in pulseless ventricular fibrillation requiring defibrillation and was found by Nurse Practitioner, Tim Rhinehart. Thankfully, she was surrounded by individuals who knew exactly what to do and jumped right into action. AED (automated external defibrillator) machines are not mandatory to have at nursing homes, but Rhinehart is positive that this is why Comeaux not only lived, but has a better quality of life now than she had previous. “Several physicians and nurse practitioners pushed to get an AED in the building, we got it and it saved a life.”

Director of Nursing at Magnolia Estates, Luisa Whitfield, recalls the day like it was yesterday and is thankful that Comeaux is still a part of the Magnolia Estates family. Many of the staff members say that the stars aligned perfectly that day and that she was in the best scenario that she could have been in for something like this to happen.

“Thank God I was here, because anywhere’s else, I wouldn’t be here. I just see it as it wasn’t my time to go.” says Comeaux.

Left to Right: Luisa Whitfield, Keisha Harris, Mona Comeaux, Lauren Baker, Alexis Ladday

As we celebrate nurses, we think back to stories like this one and are so thankful for each and every nurse affiliated with Camelot Senior Living.