Hurricane Season kicks off on June 1st and lasts until November 30th. In all cases, preparation is key to avoiding discomfort and disaster during a storm.

“With hurricane season taking effect, our residents are our top priority. We have procedures and plans in place at each facility to make sure we’re as prepared as possible for bad storms, power outages, hurricanes, etc. We will do everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our residents.” Kori Lecompte, Marketing Director

Here are some of the major plans that we have in place in the event of storms or power outages:

Many residents choose to evacuate or stay with family for the duration of a storm period. In the event that a resident stays, through choice or circumstance, we have contracts with host facilities outside of areas of immediate danger prepared to accept our residents in the event they need to be relocated.

Camelot Senior Living maintains contracts for emergency water and food supply in addition to a mandatory practice of having a 7-day supply of food and water on hand at each facility at all times.

As soon as inclement weather is identified, nurses call in as many refills as possible so that we are as prepared as possible. Extra supplies such as linens, diapers, medical supplies, etc. are ordered at the start of hurricane season or at first notice of an inclement weather event.

Our facilities are required to maintain backup generators at all times through Emergency Preparedness regulations. In addition, we have major gas tanks filled when bad weather is forecast to ensure we maintain temperatures to protect resident health and safety and for the safe and sanitary storage of provisions.

Rest assured that there is always a plan in place prior to disaster. When a weather system is brewing, conference calls are held among administration to properly educate and prepare. Our leadership team at Corporate determines a plan of action tailored for each facility in time of need.

If you have any questions regarding storm preparedness for your loved ones, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are here to put your minds at ease. For more information or to schedule a personal call or meeting