How do we get you results with physical therapy? The Magnolia Physical Therapy team is working on gait training, dynamic balance and proprioception. Weight shifting and single leg stance are also being targeted during this higher level task. At Magnolia, this team is always thinking outside the box to keep therapy fun yet effective!

Mrs. Gail & Johnathon– what a team to watch!


Mrs. Gail is a delight to our team at Magnolia and she has this to say about her experience:

“It’s been an awakening … a good one! The therapy group is FANTASTIC! When I first got here I couldn’t open my left hand or raise my left leg. I was even bound to my wheelchair. But in 8 months, I have advanced myself from wheelchair, then to regular walker, a rollator and even later a cane! I’m not done yet. I’m determined to walk on my own!”

We asked her if she had a favorite and she says, “oh yes. I love Johnathon. And Chris and Debbie!” So here’s Mrs. Gail with her “fav!” When you tour Magnolia Estates, just ask to meet with our therapy team and ask for Johnathon, Chris and Debbie by name.