Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the MOST frequently asked questions at Camelot.

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General FAQs

Can my loved one be eligible for any financial assistance?

We will assist in the application for long-term Medicaid, if needed and they qualify.

What am I allowed to bring into the facility?

We encourage you to bring items to make your room feel like home. If residents have a favorite recliner, a small refrigerator, and family portraits, we encourage residents to bring these items with them.

How much money will I have to pay if I get financial assistance?

Monthly liability will be calculated by the sum of all income minus $38.00, which is refunded to the resident monthly. Medicaid also allows for health insurance premiums to be deducted before monthly liability calculations.

How much does it cost to place my loved one in a nursing home?

We will be happy to discuss the financial aspects of nursing facility placement. By doing so, we can determine eligibility for Medicaid assistance. Monthly rates vary for nursing facilities. The best option is to contact the facility to discuss this.

Do I need an appointment to come and see the facility?

An appointment is not necessary, but we encourage you to make one during business hours to ensure someone is available to tour you and your family and answer any and all questions. You may send a request from this website by providing your information on the home page of the site.

Do I have my own room?

Each of our facilities is unique. Most of our facilities have private room options available.

Do you have in-house therapy?

Yes. We provide Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. We also provide short term IV Therapy and Wound Care.

How much assistance is given to each resident?

Assistance provided depends on the level of care needed by each individual. The facility offers a full-time Nurse Practitioner and available staff to meet the needs of each resident.

How often can I leave the facility?

When residing at a nursing facility, we want residents to feel as though they are at home. In saying this, residents are free to go on pass with family and friends as they choose as long as it is approved by administration and physician and does not interfere with care or therapy. However, Medicaid guidelines state that a person in a nursing facility cannot exceed fifteen 24-hour periods per calendar year away from the nursing facility.

Is family responsible for taking loved ones to doctor appointments?

No. Transportation is provided to doctor appointments, but families are encouraged to assist and be a part of all resident care meetings and physician appointments.

Assisted Living FAQs

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is a residential option for seniors who want or need personal care assistance in a comfortable, secure environment. Residents are assessed to determine the level of care services the best fit there individual needs.

When is Assisted Living appropriate?

Assisted Living should be considered when, a senior or his/her family realize that professional assistance in a residential setting is appropriate.

Is “Assisted Living” another name for nursing home?

NO. Nursing Homes provide skilled nursing care for people with illnesses or conditions that require constant medical attention. Assisted Living is not a medical environment.

What special services does Assisted Living provide?

Residents may receive a variety of personal care services including bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication monitoring, as well as social and activity programs to promote wellness and balance in life. Other services include housekeeping and laundry, transportation, and three full meals daily in our restaurant style dining room, which are included in our pricing.

Are short-stay services provided?

YES. When a caregiver’s schedule requires them to be away or a senior feels the need for special assistance, short-stay care is an attractive short-term option. Some seniors use a short-stay visit to help determine whether to become a permanent resident.

Can I bring my own furniture?

YES. Residents are encouraged to personalize their private apartment with their cherished belongings from home.

Are there visiting hours?

NO. You may visit your loved one at any time. Our residents enjoy family visits and outings.

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