A popular song says, “It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.” But many experiencing a recent transition to a Senior Living Facility may be finding themselves with a lack of holiday cheer. The holidays season is filled with traditions and memories that can trigger feelings of loneliness or depression. It important to lift the spirits of seniors and create new memories and traditions that can be cherished fondly in the years to come.
Sometimes all you need to get yourself into the holiday spirit is to surround yourself with a little cheer. Having family and grandchildren to visit and help with decorating creates fond memories and makes their space bright and cozy.
If possible, take your senior loved one along with family for a holiday outing. Visit Acadian Villiage to see the lights or attend a holiday program at church or the children’s school. It is important for seniors to socialize, and getting them out to interact will do them good.
Get together to make a special dessert that has been a favorite over the years, or gather together to decorate holiday cookies. If you and your mom have a tradition of making sweet potato pie together each year, there is no reason to stop now! Baking is a sweet activity that everyone can do together. And maybe Nana even has a recipe that she would be delighted to pass down.
If this year you are hosting your Christmas gathering that was previously held at your parent’s house,
Holidays are built upon tradition. Create an opportunity for joy in this season and strengthen the bond among family and friends.