To the Families, Residents, and Employees of Camelot Rehabilitation at Magnolia Park:

“I want to thank our wonderful team of caregivers at Camelot Rehabilitation at Magnolia Park for their excellence and compassion in their efforts to care for our residents. We have been very blessed that very few of our residents have been affected by the virus (weekly updates are available from the state). They have worked tirelessly and are persevering with excellence through this pandemic.

The COVID-19 Unit at Camelot Rehabilitation has been in place for over a month to accommodate residents affected by COVID-19. The construction team of CCI constructed this specialized COVID-19 unit three months ago in anticipation of the virus coming to Lafayette. The unit was constructed to contain our patients in need of care for the virus and to keep the virus contained within the unit.

After thirty days of using our COVID-19 specialized unit, we have been very successful in caring for our patients while containing the virus and aiding our residents in their recovery. We have also taken in several patients from other facilities to help them recover safely in our unit.

We want you to know Camelot Rehabilitation at Magnolia Park is strong clinically. We have some of the finest nursing staff in the South working round the clock serving and caring for our residents. Please continue to pray for them and encourage them when possible. This virus is vicious to the population we serve, but we know God is providing and He is in control. May all of us be encouraged knowing our excellent team at Camelot Rehabilitation at Magnolia Park loves our residents, and is providing care to them.” – Lannie Richardson, CEO, CCI